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First Dates UK S10E01 – E03

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Season 10, Episode 1
Fred Sirieix and the team re-open the doors of the First Dates restaurant to a new crop of hopeful singletons who are all hoping that love is on the menu. Tall, handsome 30-year-old financial manager J sets pulses racing in the restaurant. He’s desperate to prove there’s more to him than meets the eye, and his date, feisty aesthetic therapist Sophie, isn’t the type of girl who can be won over with a wink and a one-liner. Meanwhile, in an unmissable First Dates first, ex-husband and wife Stuart and Mandy come to the restaurant together to lend each other moral support as they both try to find love again. Mandy wants an adventurer to whisk her off her feet, and her date, globetrotting Adam, could be just the ticket. Across the restaurant, sparks are also flying as Stuart’s cheeky humour has fellow divorcee Claire in stitches. mp4

Season 10, Episode 2
The new series continues, but is love on the menu? Recruitment consultant Lee, who’s 32, spends most of his time procuring the perfect pint rather than the perfect partner. But he’s decided it’s time to hang up his party hat and settle down. His date, 32-year-old Abbi, immediately catches Lee’s eye. Could she be the calm yin to his wild yang or is choosing tea over tequila a step too far? Politics graduate Cameron, who’s 22 and loves Margaret Thatcher, is in the single market. He styles himself on Cruella de Vil and calls himself a ‘savage bitch’, but he bonds with fellow politics lover Joe over matters of the state and the heart. Will Cameron get Joe’s vote for a second date? Septuagenarian Deanna, who hasn’t been on a date in 20 years, meets ex-car mechanic Alex. p4
Season 10, Episode 3
Freddie is a 27-year-old charity worker who’s struggled to find a lady that gets his unique sense of humour. His date is 22-year-old fashion buyer Rebecca. When Freddie’s fraying nerves get the better of him can Rebecca see through it and fall in love with his quirks? Army medic Lyn, who’s 36, marches into the First Dates restaurant with more than meets the eye. Her date with 38-year-old ex-army engineer Steve takes an interesting turn when she reveals that she’s pregnant. Jazz singer Gina, who’s 52 and has hit a few bum notes when it comes to dating, meets 57-year-old singer-songwriter Nik. Are they singing from the same song sheet when it comes to love? Cindy, a 27-year-old food buyer from Leeds, meets 27-year-old sales rep Elan, a fellow northerner with a matching outfit. As Cindy and Elan bond over matters of the heart and family, could they end up as northern soulmates? p4

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